Fan Trips

April 29, 2000 - Farewell to GO Transit's GM New Looks Charter on 1122

After picking up the group at Downsview Subway, the tour kicked off by going to GO's Steeprock Garage for a quick tour. After the tour and several pictures of the new Orion Vs in the yard, we set out for downtown Toronto, with stops at Queen's Park, Elizabeth Street Terminal and Union Station. Then on to Exhibition Place, Sunnyside (where there was once a Gray Coach Terminal, which is now a McDonald's Restaurant), Long Branch and Port Credit. Then a swing to the northeast brought us to Newmarket Bus Terminal and a stop at GO's Newmarket garage, where we viewed a number of #1122's siblings already out of service and awaiting resale. It was at Newmarket where the driver realized the reverse gear was not working when turning around, so after some mighty muscle at the hands of the TTS members, we managed to get the bus cleared for a forward departure. After a trip through Aurora, it was on to Scarborough. Thanks to the charter organizers for a great day and GO Transit staff for their hospitality.

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