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September 18, 1999 - Niagara Peninsula Charter on Greater Hamilton Tours MCI Classic 2207

An excellent charter featuring stops at the Welland, St. Catharines & Niagara Falls bus terminals and maintenance facilities. The cities are bastions for GM Fishbowls, with all three recently receiving second-hand buses from the United States.

First stop after departing from the Oakville loading point, Welland showcased buses including it own original GMs and new Orions, as well as second hand GMs from Bellingham and Santa Monica. A surprising sight at Welland's garage was ex-HSR 7716.

Unfortunately, we did not have permission to roam Niagara Transit's property, however a quick photo-stop on the sidewalk in front of the garage allowed for shots of 8131 and 9751. In an odd twist of fate, not long after the charter, 9751 was written off following an accident, apparently not faring too well against a truck. From there, it was off to a bus parking area south of the falls, and Paul Bateson's eyes lit up! Amongst the tour buses sat a Double- Deck Tours Routemaster.

A wonderful day was had by all. Thanks to Kevin Nicol and Jan Gregor for planning this charter.

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